Wilson Architects is a Boston based architectural firm that collaborates with clients to strengthen connections between people and spaces. Our mission is to enrich the human experience through design. We enjoy planning and designing for complex programs, providing robust solutions that accommodate a wide variety of uses, and seeing these projects happily occupied. We bring together the people, skill, and commitment to achieve this purpose.


We embrace three components in the successful design of sustainable buildings and spaces that foster human interactions and collaborations: campus, community, and consensus.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill UNC Caudill Laboratories


Buildings are engaged in a dialogue with the past, present and future of a campus. We are guided by strong principles of campus planning when siting and massing buildings. Each building is part of a rich ensemble of built form and pedestrian spaces.

University of Massachusetts Amherst UMass Life Science Laboratories


Our buildings create a strong sense of community. Understanding the subtleties of human interaction allows us to shape spaces that foster collaboration and collegiality. Using transparency and openness our buildings come alive with activity.



Our projects involve all stakeholders in a sustained consensus-building process. This is a critical skill in settings where every voice matters and a creative, lasting solution is expected.

Sustainable Commitment

University of Massachusetts Amherst UMass Life Science Laboratories

A new era of evidence based design has ushered in projects with verifiable outcomes. We work closely with our clients to carefully account for water, material, and energy impacts in our projects.

Having signed onto the AIA 2030 Commitment, we take sustainability seriously and are diligently working towards the goals outlined in this program.

Through focused collaboration, Wilson Architects brings together key leaders to guide and inform the design process in an integrated and holistic manner. Our vision promotes healthy, vital environments that are both robust and beautiful.

As architects, we are uniquely poised to contribute real and lasting good. In shaping the built environment, we respond to the specific local conditions that support each client’s strategic mission. Our focus is designing for energy efficiency and healthy indoor environments. From the conceptual phase of a project to building occupancy, we know where and how the energy use is distributed and are able to target the highest efficiency measures.

The following goals guide each project: to reduce the embodied and operational energy of the buildings we design; to be conscious of the environmental impact of the materials we specify; and to give our clients flexible spaces supportive of their long term needs.

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